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Wo we are ?

The center is currently managed by the parents of the children who attend. An annual general meeting, to which all interested parents and members of the francophone community are invited, is held each fall. At this meeting, a Board of Directors, composed of five parents of children admitted to the center for the current year, is elected by the parents whose children have been admitted to the center for the current year.

The Board of Directors is fully responsible for the management of the center. Minutes of Board meetings are available from the Board Chair. If you have any ideas and/or questions, or if you would like to become more involved, please contact the board members at .


The work of the educators, the program of the center and the development of the activities are guided by the following principles:

  1. Each child is unique, with his or her own characteristics;
  2. Each child has unique ways of learning and developing;
  3. Each child develops intelligence and knowledge through concrete experiences;
  4. every child is a member of a family, so when we support the child, we support the family as well
  5. It is important to respect different family forms and structures;
  6. Play is an essential part of a child's learning process and the environment is equally important to their development;
  7. it is important that the child be treated with respect;
  8. each child must be able to develop his or her own identity and self-esteem
  9. the emphasis is on learning, creativity, discovery and physical activity.

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The CPEF wishes to encourage parents, siblings and grandparents to participate in the center's activities. However, provincial regulations do not allow us to welcome family members on the center's premises during opening hours, unless they meet certain conditions.